5 Tricks to preserve Chocolate during Summer

5 Tricks to preserve Chocolate during Summer
10 June 2024 La Perla di Torino

Chocolate is sensitive to heat, we know that. But this doesn’t mean we have to give up our little break of pleasure when the temperatures rise. Let’s see 5 tips to best preserve Chocolate even in summer:

1. Keep it in a cool and dry place. Heat and humidity are enemies of chocolate.

2. Store away from light and heat sources. The ideal storage temperature is between 13 and 18 °C.

3. If you can’t keep chocolate in a pantry below 23 °C (chocolate truffles are absolutely fine until they reach this temperature), store it in the refrigerator. Better inside a hermetically closed container.

4. Be aware that chocolate doesen’t experience temperature changes, which could melt the cocoa butter crystals and cause a white film to emerge on the surface. This film is not harmful anyway and does not affect the quality of the product.

5. If you find some too soft chocolate in the pantry, no big deal: fell free to use your creativity and put it inside a delicious recipe.