La Perla di Torino at Golosaria Milan for the first time

La Perla di Torino at Golosaria Milan for the first time
30 October 2019 La Perla di Torino

From October 26 to 28 we took part in the fourteenth edition of Golosaria, a food and wine event held at the MiCo FieraMilanoCity in Milan. The food that changes us, or how what we eat affects well-being but also our personal and social habits, has been the main theme for this edition, which has seen La Perla di Torino among its protagonist for the first time.

In our stand at Golosaria Milano there were the traditional chocolate truffles, La Perla Nera and La Perla Bianca, the super tasty truffles like Tiramisù, Triple Chocolate and Pistachio, and also the most delicious truffles like Salted Peanut, Pure Black, Honey and Ginger. There were also the Turin traditional gianduiotti, the classic Giandujot but also the Fluido with its soft heart of gianduja chocolate. Golosaria was also the first public occasion to present the latest creation of our chocolate laboratory, the Perle: truffles in mini size to be consumed in pot as practical as pop with tastes that vary between Salted Peanut, Salted Pistachio, Tiramisù, Passion Fruit and Raspberry, Dark Chocolate and Halzenut.

At Golosaria we were also guests of the Maestri del Gusto, that held a special talk show in the show cooking area for some of its excellent food brands. Valentina Arzilli led a chocolate truffles tasting that included Tiramisù, Pure Black and Salted Peanut.