La Perla di Torino signed a partnership with Ronchiverdi

La Perla di Torino signed a partnership with Ronchiverdi
12 May 2021 La Perla di Torino

Ronchiverdi, the most exclusive sport club in Turin, is ready for a new beginning and among the new partners La Perla di Torino stands out for its sweetness.

Valentina Arzilli, CEO La Perla di Torino, tells how this bond was born: “This is an agreement that makes us particularly proud. We had been collaborating with Ronchiverdi for some events and we understood that there were the bases for an ongoing relationship. Affinity is certainly linked to the search for excellence that unites us, to the attention to detail, to the fact of addressing a demanding public that loves beauty … and good! Both Ronchiverdi and ourselves transmit well-being “.

La Perla products will be present in the club wherever there is talk of administration and in the boutique inside the club, as well as enriching the à la carte menu and the catering menu during events.

Valentina Arzilla, always open to the development of innovative forms of partnership, concludes as follows: “This is the philosophy that guides our work: on the one hand the roots of tradition, on the other the evolution following the market trends”.