Revenge of neighborhood stores and boom in e-commerce and delivery

Revenge of neighborhood stores and boom in e-commerce and delivery
12 May 2020 La Perla di Torino

A health emergency that is preparing to redesign lifestyles and the map of commerce in Italy, with a revenge of the small neighborhood shops that seemed to be on the verge of extinction and a real boom in e-commerce and delivery, the wave of which will continue also following the emergency. This is confirmed by La Perla di Torino, which in recent months has seen its e-commerce flying with a click and which has been able to innovate its sales channels by activating new partnerships with the best-known delivery apps (Glovo, Deliveroo, Cosaporto) and a tailor made personal shopper video-service.

A real challenge for a family-run company that has seen the requests for online purchases explode, reaching large-scale numbers in a few days and that has been able to reorganize itself in record time, always remaining faithful to its artisan soul and attention to detail.

Because of the emergency and the fear linked to the contagion, the password for the incoming months will be online shopping and delivery, a request that made the whole of Italy make a great leap forward towards a more homogeneous digitalization, which has managed to involve all age groups and production sectors. La Perla di Torino is ready to respond with increasingly innovative solutions and attention to detail, combining its double soul made of modernity and attention to trends, but also of bond with the territory and craftsmanship.