Two Awards at the Cibus Forum Parma 2020

Two Awards at the Cibus Forum Parma 2020
3 September 2020 La Perla di Torino

Two important awards for La Perla di Torino. On the occasion of the Cibus Forum Parma, we are proud to have received two awards in the DolciSalati & Consumi category.

The Tartufo della Felicità (Happiness Truffle) was awarded in the Best Charity Initiative category. A small gesture such as treating yourself to a chocolate at the end of a dinner can help a child in an emergency situation thanks to the international event Restaurants against hunger, which for five years has involved the excellence of Italian gastronomy with the common goal of supporting children suffering from malnutrition. The campaign was created by Action Against Hunger, an association that has been carrying out emergency interventions for forty years to safeguard levels of nutrition, hygiene and quality of life in over 50 countries around the world. La Perla di Torino created the limited edition of the Happiness Truffle, which was served at the restaurants and the proceeds of which were entirely donated to charity.

The new Perle counter display was awarded in the Best Pop Material category. A burst of color to make the corner near the store cash desk unique. Perle are the new frontier of impulse buying, which focuses on a quality artisan product, with both traditional and innovative flavours and with a recyclable packaging. The new counter display of the Perle contains up to 24 jars of 50gr, which can be arranged playing with the colors and tastes of the packs in order to create assortments for all occasions. Perle in various flavors have been shown on the display, so as to show what kind of product it is: a chocolate truffle but in a 2-gram size. In addition, all the most important pluses of Perle have been highlighted in order to make them immediately visible to the buyers and guide them towards an informed purchase: Made with Piedmont hazelnuts, Gluten free, Of natural origin, Without preservatives, Vegetarian product.

We thank the jury and the entire organization of the Cibus Forum Parma.