La Perla Coffee Experience


La Perla Coffee Experience arrives in the La Perla di Torino shop in via Catania 9, the shop in shop where you can experience a new coffee experience signed by La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Lavazza. A collaboration that aims to create a place to buy good, freshly ground coffee in Turin, thanks to a range of sustainable quality blends from around the world, and where to educate on the variety of this product.

The Project

In the new La Perla Coffee Experience corner you can taste and buy La Reserva de ¡Tierra! products: the collection of sustainable quality blends, selected and blended by Lavazza, is ground and packaged to guarantee a product that is always fresh and a high-level coffee experience, and offer the perfect synthesis of the flavors of the territory of origin.

But it is not just a place to taste and buy excellent coffee: this new address aims to become a point of reference linked to the culture of coffee, to transfer the variety of proposals linked to this product to consumers, deepening the characteristics of the different blends, the extraction and grinding methods.

Freshly Ground Coffee

The blends proposed in the shop in shop in Turin are available with ideal grinding for both Espresso machine and Moka. Customers can first taste the different blends offered in the store and then select their favorite blend, which is ground ad hoc on the spot for the chosen preparation method (espresso, mocha or filter) to be purchased and taken home in 250g packs.

A proposal that of La Perla Coffee Experience that brings coffee back to its origins, also recovering the relationship of trust typical of the neighborhood shop, but in a contemporary dimension that combines the high quality of the proposal with the vision of social and environmental responsibility that characterizes the Lavazza Foundation projects.

The Blends

¡Tierra! is the name of the sustainability projects launched by Lavazza in 2002, benefiting three communities of small coffee farmers in Peru, Colombia and Honduras and which has now become a broader concept of sustainability projects managed by Lavazza (directly or in partnership , with suppliers and NGOs) in 3 continents, 19 countries and 31 projects. ¡Tierra! means projects focused on the improvement and development of coffee farming communities from an economic, social and environmental point of view.

India: a sumptuous and creamy coffee
A unique blend of fine coffees grown, blended and roasted in India. The encounter of washed Arabica with washed “single-summer” Robusta and Monsooned Malabar, an Indian specialty known for its soft richness. A sumptuous and creamy espresso with a rich and velvety body with notes of cocoa and spices, hints of licorice and a vinous aftertaste.

Colombia 100% Arabica: sweet and aromatic, with a rich body
A fine blend obtained from the selection of the best washed Arabica, Lavazza’s interpretation of Colombian coffees. A perfect balance between the notes of tropical fruits, lime zest and jasmine, full body and sweet taste.

Brazil blend: sweet with an intense personality
A premium blend obtained from the selection of the best Brazilian natural and semi-washed Arabica and from “Conillon”, a fine selected quality of washed Robusta, which enhances the intensity of the espresso. A perfect balance between the notes of bitter chocolate, hazelnuts and brown sugar, full body and round taste.