Today sustainability is one of the most important parameters that determine the quality of a company and its products. The origin of raw materials and the choice of packaging materials, together with energy management and the empolyees value are all aspects of what we call “sustainability”.

Raw materials

We always select the best raw materials for the production of high quality chocolate. In particular, the hazelnut, the basic ingredient for most of our recipes: we only use the Tonda Gentile Trilobata Piedmont Hazelnut, Caliber 14, the finest in the world, produced exclusively in the Langhe area according to the guidelines of the consortium for the Indication Protected Geographical (IGP).

We buy hazelnuts directly from some producers with whom we have been collaborating for many years, who supply us raw and shelled hazelnuts: the roasting, cleaning, graining and refining operations are carried out in our factory.


The materials used for packaging are first of all a barrier that allows us to protect our products and extend their shelf-life, thus also reducing food waste. But the needs related to food safety go hand in hand with the constant search for innovative and sustainable materials.

We are working to be able to ensure that all our plastic packaging is 100% recyclable and, where this is not possible, we continue our research into other materials, which are more sustainable or at least from regenerated material.

The Factory

The factory has recently been converted with 100% renewable energies, which in just one year have allowed us to reduce CO2 emissions by 75%. LED lighting has also been installed in all work environments and offices, which allows to reduce the waste of electricity and further reduce consumption, together with the presence of large windows that allow to minimize artificial lighting.

Bright, airy and located on the banks of the Dora River in Turin, our factory is organized and structured with low environmental impact materials and with soundproofing barriers that allow us to limit the noise pollution resulting from their use.


La Perla di Torino has always been attentive to issues related to inclusion, diversification and equal opportunities. Over 75% of employees are women and there is no difference in salary wages by gender for the same job. The company also records a very low turnover rate, linked to the choice of hiring young resources who, together with employees with more years of career, can make their contribution every day: today 38% of the workforce is made up of under 35.

Having the conviction that training is the first step for evolution, La Perla is committed on the one hand to offering specialized courses for its employees and on the other hand to collaborating with training bodies in the area to host training internships.