La Perla Coffee Experience: the new shop in shop

La Perla Coffee Experience: the new shop in shop
29 October 2021 La Perla di Torino

Under the Mole comes La Perla Coffee Experience, the shop in shop where you can enjoy a new coffee experience signed by La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Lavazza

On Saturday 30 October a new corner dedicated to coffee enthusiasts will be inaugurated in the La Perla store in Turin in via Catania 9. A collaboration that unites the Turin brand with Lavazza with the aim of creating a place to buy good and freshly ground coffee in Turin, thanks to a proposal of sustainable quality blends from around the world, and where to educate on the variety of this product.

La Perla Coffee Experience combines the Turin chocolate company, which has always been oriented towards quality and innovation, with La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Lavazza, which is committed to improving the quality of life and promoting the economic growth of the communities of coffee farmers, while respecting the environment: a collaboration strongly desired by Valentina Arzilli, CEO of La Perla di Torino who immediately embraced linked values ​​and visions to the project. The sale of coffee, loose or in beans, is a traditional Italian ritual that has been lost with the passage of time, but which in the last period has made a comeback again thanks to the phenomenon of specialty coffees which has made the consumer more curious of the different extraction methods, of the different varieties and origins of coffee, and of the possible combinations between coffee and other products.

In the new La Perla Coffee Experience corner, the public of enthusiasts and onlookers will be able to taste and buy La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Products: the collection of sustainable quality blends, containing coffees from the Lavazza Foundation projects, selected and artfully blended by Lavazza, that the staff in the shop will grind and pack on the spot to guarantee a fresh product and a high-level coffee experience, to offer the perfect synthesis of the flavors of the territory of origin. But it will not be just a place to taste and buy excellent coffee: this new address aims to become a reference point linked to the culture of coffee, to transfer to consumers all the richness and variety of proposals related to this product, deepening the characteristics of the different blends, the extraction and grinding methods.

All the blends proposed in the store will be available with ideal grinding for both Espresso machine and Moka, a preparation that just in the last year has returned to the trend as confirmed by the data from the Sigep Observatory: thanks to the restrictions linked to the pandemic, the analysis reveals a great return to the moka, the symbol of sharing and sociability linked to the consumption of coffee. Today Moka is once again the protagonist on the scene, but with an evolution in the habits of consumers who are now choosing more and more precious and sustainable coffee blends.

In fact, La Perla di Torino wishes to offer customers the purchase of freshly ground coffee as a small luxury to indulge in, comparable to that of buying a chocolate truffle, a praline or fresh bread, and to enhance the experiential dimension linked to coffee: it is no coincidence that the counter is decorated with a map, which represents the desire to make curious and passionate travelers travel among perfumes and traditions from distant places in the world. In fact, customers will first be able to taste the different blends offered in the store and then select the favorite blend, which will be ground ad hoc on the spot for the chosen preparation method (espresso, mocha or filter) to be purchased and taken home in convenient packs of 250g. There will also be projects for the future, such as tasting and pairing proposals between the products of the two brands, namely chocolate and coffee, a combination that has always been loved and appreciated by the public, who will find new ideas and paths thanks to the union of the pursued excellence. from both realities.

A proposal that brings coffee back to its origins, also recovering the relationship of exchange and trust between customers and the neighborhood shop, but in a new and contemporary dimension that combines the high quality of the proposal with the vision of social responsibility and environment that characterizes the projects of the Lavazza Foundation.