La Perla di Torino with “Pranzo a Mille” for people in need

La Perla di Torino with “Pranzo a Mille” for people in need
9 April 2021 La Perla di Torino

Dozens of Turin chefs in the kitchen on 11 April to offer a lunch of joy and hope to 1000 people in need. 28 restaurants will be involved, over 30 chefs, 250 volunteers, 250 boxes (each containing 4 complete meals, consisting of 3 courses), to be donated to families in difficulty. For a total of 1000 meals with chocolate by La Perla di Torino.

These are the numbers of Pranzo a Mille, the delivery version of the traditional dinner, which the Banco Alimentare has organized in Turin in five editions. This year solidarity must be reinvented, in order not to stop. Never.

Also thanks to the special participation of those who know the food world well, such as Clara and Gigi Padovani and others who made all their experience available, involving not only some of the chefs who had participated in the previous editions, but also many new faces. 

Together with the lunch box, the volunteers of Banco Alimentare will distribute a bag with some goodies to the families. Starting with coffee and then again breadsticks, chocolate eggs or gianduiotti, a bottle of wine, flowers and a book, because you don’t live on bread alone.